Tuesday, November 27, 2012

For the love of a Corgi

Some times big things come in small packages.  This little pup came to us on a very large plane.  The kids still say that we got her from the airport, which is only partly true.  She came from a wonderful farm in Missouri arriving by plane and was just a tiny little thing.
Now she is more than a year old and full grown.  Spoiled for sure, Macy is a definitely a part of the family.  She is gentle with children and loves to play and run with other dogs.  Her favorite friend is our neighbors dog, a standard poodle named Jasper.  
  It's hilarious to watch them chase each other around the yard at full speed.  Jasper gallops like a horse and Macy loves it.  It often seems like they're playing tag.
But after all that running, Macy crashes and often sleeps for hours.  She loves to sleep upside down and isn't afraid to kick the big dog out of his bed.  Macy is truly a princess.

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