Sunday, June 23, 2013

One for the road... Do you play?

As a kid I remember playing games on long car rides with my younger brother.  The alphabet game with road signs. Spell your name with the letters on the license plates of cars we passed. Count the number of cars of a particular color...  Whatever kept us from fighting as we sat for hours upon hours in the car long before there were portable DVD players or hand-held video games.

Volkswagen Bugs

© Photographer: Cheryle Myers | Agency:

Over the mountains and through the woods we'd drive.  But it didn't matter if it was to Grandmother's house or to the beach that we were headed, our favorite road game was always Slug Bug.

Volkswagen Bugs

© Photographer: Cheryle Myers | Agency:

You know the game... If you're the first to see a VW bug, you yell out the color and get to"slug" the other person.  That was half the fun, getting to punch your sibling.

Volkswagen Beetle
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But now, times have changed.  Kids have changed. And so have the games.  Now they call them "punch buggy's" and don't even punch each other.  "Punch Buggy Red!" They yell.  There's no winner, no loser, and no bruises.  Where's the fun in that?

Red and Blue VW

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I think I prefer the red, black and blue, in an old fashioned game of Slug Bug.  What do you play on the road?

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